Elearning Made Fun

ELearning is not about mere presentation of content. The deciding factor would be whether the participant was able to grasp the said content and know how to apply it in real life. We, as

eLearning course designers set to bring on real change we take our work very seriously and would like to invite you on board for a learning experience like no other. The key to our success story is creative and interactive modules that set us apart from other learning experiences. Our aim is to develop content that the participant is able to absorb for the long haul and not merely to receive a certification.Our eLearning resources comprise of:

♦ Text and graphics♦ Interactive exercises♦ Fully responsive HTML5 content♦ Branching scenarios and decision treesWhile text and graphics are used to convey the most basic content we opt for responsive HLML5 content and branching our scenarios in order to probe the understanding of the learner with regard to more detailed and descriptive information.

With the correct programme blend, we as leaning experience designers are able to address a large audience who are able to absorb the course content in their own time, in the comfort of their work station without being conscious of having to face a classroom setting. As a seasoned learning experience designer we understand that off the shelf eLearning resources may not always be the solution that your organization needs. To better meet your needs, we develop eBooks and interactive digital publications as alternative online content, aiming to provide supplementary guide lines to you which can also act as materials for revision.

Our course concepts are designed and developed to grab the immediate attention of the learner by presenting relevant information in a simple and straight forward manner because beating around the bush will only be a waste of time. The key to keeping the participant’s focus in line is to build his confidence that he will take back something of value from the course. As instructional designers Australia we are faced with the challenge of the learner being exposed to information overload while not leaving out anything of importance. The purpose of the course is to build the confidence of the learner enabling him to apply the content of the eLearning in a practical scenario and that cannot be achieved without the dedication and commitment puts into our products.What you will take back from us is not only course material but a unique learning experience which you can share with your colleagues and team mates in order to achieve the goals set not only for yourself but for your entire organization.