The Importance Of Basic Education

Why is it important?

When we speak about basic education, we are addressing the very first education of a child. It is vital for a child to have at least a basic school and family education as it helps the economic growth of a country, it helps stabilize the democracy among people, and it is the main fact that improves the family wellbeing of a person.

There have been many debates over the years about the importance of education, many have raised the question ‘is education the most important tool that will assist and individual?’. Many people agree to the fact that education is in fact the most important tool that moulds a person into a responsible and efficient human being. However, few other argue that education is only one part of it. While basic education helps a person gain knowledge about the surrounding and the world, there are other aspects that help make a person build a better personality.

Change in the mind set of people today.

However, compared to that of the past, at present parents and adults have in fact learned the importance of education. There has been an increase in the number of educated people in the present society. A very good example can be seen by the number of applications that a school gets per year. Famous schools like DSHK are over loaded with application from parents to include their children in the school.

The institutions and schools have also evolved during the years according to the needs of people and their demands. There are many national schools, international schools, bilingual international schools, and different schools according to the gender. These can be stated as examples to show how people have changed over time and have recognised the importance of education.

Steps taken by the government.

Having a society of well-educated citizens would help a countries economy grow largely. The disability to have the basic education is also another cause for diseases such as AIDS and HIV to sprang and spread among the society. Therefore, various governments have taken measures to provide free education to their citizens. There are government schools for low income earners and their families. There are special educational programmes organized by different government sector to help people understand the importance of sending their children to school. The government provides free books, equipment’s, uniforms and shoes for poor families who cannot afford to buy such necessaries for their children. These measures have been showing positive results at present as many families send their children at least to get a primary school level education.