Things To Do Before 5 Years Of Retirement

Retirement may not be a walk in the park as you expect it to be. You would find yourself feeling lost suddenly you have nothing to do. It is natural that you feel unwanted and restless during the beginning of retirement. So, the best you could do is start practicing now itself. This will help you with coping up with the transition and enhanced job competitiveness. So here are some of the things you could start doing right now.

Take more weeks of vacation
Earlier you would have taken just two weeks of vacation but now you would find yourself with 52 weeks left just for yourself. You would of course find it hard to be jobless suddenly, so try taking more vacation days than usual. Your employer would surely not mind, considering your loyal service. You may not have time to travel abroad as such, but simply get out of town. Try out new adventures, but be mindful of your age and health too.

  • Change your work hours
    Do not hesitate to go ask your employer if you could switch to part-time basis. It is evident that you will be retiring soon, so they would most probably let you. A part time schedule will help you leave work easily due to the decrease in work load. You can use that time to follow options trading courses and other investment courses so that you can save up well for your retirement.
  • Make friends who are already retired
    This could be a great way to spend your time. If you have a group of retiree friends, it would be easier to tag along and do activities. Retiring does not mean you need to do some gardening and spend time at home. You do all sorts of fun activities such as hunting, camping, golfing, fishing etc. If you are healthy, you can also try out more adventurous stuff such as bungee jumping or sky diving. You might also be able to make some new friends at your newly joined classes of share trading courses.
  • Spend all four seasons in your retirement destination
    Do you have a dream of moving to an island in Hawaii or a beautiful mountain area after retirement? Well, you would of course love the bright sun, white sand beaches and endless swimming, however have you experience the off-season? Most vacation destinations are not very pleasant to live in once the season is over. There might be too much rain, snowfall and many more conditions that you don’t like. So, make it a point to visit during all four seasons to make sure you like it there.